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Problems with Ventrillo

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Problems with Ventrillo

Post  wse_jack on Sat Aug 14, 2010 7:08 pm

K, I was on vent when something happened and aparently I was duplicated, whatever, its happened before.

SO I leave and come back in, then ask for the duplicate to get kicked, and hero said that It would get auto kicked so it didnt matter, and sure enough it did, or rather I did, and as it turns out I wasent just autokicked but i was auto banned, of which leads me to this post.

Anywho I was woundering if I could be unbanned from the vent server lol, odd that it happened, disconcerting too, unless their were other factors involved, either way I have no idea.

My user name was WSE_JACK... anywho any help in this matter would be apreciated, thanks and you guys run a sweet clan, nice to see some new blood in the rvs comunity.


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